Where the shimmering sands of the desert beat
In waves to the foot-hills’ rugged line,
And cat-claw and cactus and brown mesquite
Elbow the cedar and mountain pine...
— Sharlot M. Hall, "Two Bits," 1902

Entering Sedona for the first time was very inspiring, the intensely red rock and beautiful landscapes was so very picturesque and Midwest. I couldn't wait to explore the city more and take reference photos for my work.



Mesa Airport Vortex

First stop on the trip was the nearest vortex to us which happened to be Mesa Airport vortex. After a 30 minute hike up this hill I felt a heaviness in my arms, almost a tingling sensation. The vortexes in Arizona are said to have healing properties because of the magnetic pull from the earth. Many travelers journey to Sedona for this reason. I may not have felt the healing properties but you cant help but be in awe of the beauty when at the peak of the hill. 

Lauren Brevner